* JLM Lubricants resolve DPF problems once and for all

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* JLM Lubricants resolve DPF problems once and for all

JLM Lubricants resolve DPF problems once and for all

Diesel cars are subject to legal limits in respect of the quantity of particulate matter and soot they may emit. In order to comply with these strict requirements, car manufacturers fit all modern diesel-powered private cars and small vans with a diesel particulate filter. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) prevents miniscule dust particles (fine particulate) and soot that are emitted by the engine from being released into the environment where they can cause damage.

However, the accumulated dust, soot and other residues will clog up the filter over time. The car's electronic system is programmed to automatically clean (regenerate) the filter at regular intervals. To burn off the residues, the engine management system in the car will inject additional diesel or regeneration fluid or a combination of the two into the diesel particulate filter at approximately every 1000 kilometres. For this cleaning process to take place, the engine must be at operating temperature and there must also be sufficient time to complete the cleaning or regeneration in full.

Tips and tricks for diesel particulate filters 

As a rule, in cars that are used for extended trips on motorways and are driven at higher speeds regularly, the DPF is regenerated successfully. The same may not be true for cars that are hardly ever or never driven for any long distances but that typically travel in and around built-up areas. In this group of cars in particular, the regeneration process is unable to start as the engine does not reach a sufficiently high temperature. Another common problem in these cars is that the regeneration process is started, only for it to be cut off prematurely because the destination has been reached before the engine temperature is sufficient.

If the cleaning of the DPF fails repeatedly, the engine will begin to lag and ultimately enter the so-called emergency mode, causing the DPF system warning light to light up. A car that has entered emergency mode can be driven to a garage in order to be checked. Never keep driving the car for any extended period of time once the emergency mode is active, as this may result in costly damage to the engine. When the DPF system develops a fault, affordable fixes are available so it is important to get to a garage as soon as possible.

The cost to replace a diesel particulate filter may run into thousands of euros, depending on the make of the car. Smaller vehicles are no exception in this regard. A cheaper alternative is to renew the diesel particulate filter by cleaning it using special equipment and cleaners. In many cases, it will be possible to 'salvage' your diesel particulate filter (thereby saving you money) using these cleaners, without the need to disassemble the filter. JLM Lubricants is able to supply the equipment, additives and cleaners that can significantly enhance the life and performance of the diesel particulate filter and in turn, your car. JLM cleaners will also remove ash (unburnt residues) that cannot be burnt by the regeneration system.

Determine the cause of the blockage 

It is important to investigate the cause of the blockage in the diesel particulate filter. Signs of a fault in the diesel particulate filter include a high, rising fuel consumption, a decrease in performance (lagging) and/or the warning light for a DPF fault lighting up on the dashboard. In the case of the latter two, a client will in all likelihood visit a workshop.

If a car displaying any of these issues is brought to your workshop, proceed as follows to determine the cause of the problem. In every instance, check the oil level first of all. If the oil level rises too high, this will have been caused by a large number of unsuccessful regenerations. This, in turn, often occurs when cars are primarily used to drive short distances or when the injection system or the air supply develops a fault.

Even in cars that successfully regenerate their filter, clogging will occur eventually. This is due to the ash that is produced during regeneration and which accumulates in the filter. This issue can arise around the 150,000-kilometre mark. The accumulation of ash will cause the electronic system to attempt to clean the filter more often and the warning light will come on. In many cases, drivers will continue to use their car as the performance appears unaffected and because they are aware of the (high) cost attached to a fault in the DPF.

Initially, only the fuel consumption will increase. This is a gradual change, which in practice will generally go unnoticed. A point will be reached when the diesel particulate filter contains so much ash that the electronic system will stop regenerating it. The filter will become blocked and the engine will cut out. Only after the filter has been cleaned or replaced will the engine work again.

Prevent faults and expensive bills

Prevention is better than cure. This is not only true for the human body, but cars too. Why risk a high bill for a new diesel particulate filter if there is a way in which you could reduce this risk significantly or even eliminate it completely?

Covering leading and premium brands, JLM Lubricants supplies preventative, maintenance and remedial products for key components of diesel, petrol, LPG and CNG engines in private cars, light commercial trucks, lorries, busses, agricultural vehicles, ships, pleasure craft, machinery for earthworks and roadworks and stationary equipment.

Additives by JLM Lubricants protect the entire intake and exhaust system, from the fuel tank to the diesel particulate filter, including the internal components of the engine such as expensive fuel injectors and sensitive moving parts. Browse our product pages and ask your JLM retailer for further information, without obligation. 

J02200 - JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus

JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus is a preventative agent for diesel cars with particulate filters that prevents troublesome and costly problems and breakdowns. This additive keeps particulate filters in optimum condition and prevents high replacement costs. JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus is added to the fuel. The high concentration of active ingredients in the additive ensures that soot in the diesel particulate filter burns at a lower temperature and therefore burns sooner and more effectively.

J02210 - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is a very powerful and effective cleaner for diesel particulate filters in diesel-engined cars in which the orange DPF warning light has come on. JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner removes residues. There is no need to dismantle the diesel particulate filter. This saves time and therefore money. Add the contents of a bottle to a full tank of fuel and drive the car again. The cleaner ensures that the soot in the diesel particulate filter burns at a low speed, when the engine is under a light load and even during short journeys. 


J02230 - Diesel DPF Cleaning & Flush Fluidpack/ J02250 - Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit

In combination with the JLM Cleaning & Flush Fluid Package, the JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit cleans and restores very dirty diesel particulate filters and saves the motorist up to thousands of euros in replacement costs. Once a diesel particulate filter is totally clogged with deposits it often has to be completely replaced. Depending on the make and model of the car, a new diesel particulate filter, including dismantling and fitting, can easily cost 1000 euros and in some cases up to 5000 euros.

Cleaning and restoring diesel particulate filters with JLM Cleaning & Flush fluid is more economical than replacing the diesel particulate filter and saves time as well as money. The workshop can completely clean the diesel particulate filter in a maximum of one hour, without the filter having to be dismantled. After loosening the grease and dirt in the diesel particulate filter, the flush or rinsing fluid flushes the filter until it is thoroughly clean. This disperses soot particles throughout the diesel particulate filter, pulling them apart from each other. As a result of this, the diesel particulate filter is thoroughly cleaned during forced regeneration.

About JLM Lubricants

Efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility is important to us at JLM Lubricants. We develop demonstrably effective products to keep internal combustion engines in top condition. Our fuel additives are both preventative and remedial. We supply top quality products to professionals in the automotive industry. Preventing repairs and keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible are our most important aims!





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