Kingfisher Automotive new JLM Distributor for Southeast Asia

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We are proud to announce that our JLM distribution network continues to expand. Our newest distributor, Kingfisher Automotive from Singapore, will perform a very important regional role for JLM in Southeast Asia.


A Dream Candidate


Kingfisher Automotive distributes all known premium German automotive parts brands. JLM, the only non-German brand, was recently added to the Kingfisher portfolio. Kingfisher Automotive knows the market, its customers and have a network at their disposal. They have everything. The only thing missing was a proper additive. With the arrival of JLM, the picture is complete. Kingfisher was at the top of the distributor wish list, ergo the dream candidate. From a logistic point of view, Singapore is the best location to act as a distribution point. Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are the major growth markets. Being JLM, that is where you want to be.


Status Symbol


Strategically, Southeast Asia is of paramount importance for JLM. Many people live there and the market is huge. Products from Germany, closely followed by Dutch products, also enjoy a towering reputation. Due to the economy picking up in Southeast Asia, an increasing number of European cars is imported – they are considered a status symbol, a luxury item. This luxury calls for products that fit in seamlessly – something JLM products manage like no other.


Kingfisher Statement


"Southeast Asia has many developing economies with a relatively young automotive history, presenting us with a huge untapped market potential. We are constantly looking for quality products for our customers in this region. Quality products that help car owners and simultaneously boost the professional image of workshops. We are very fortunate to have met Mr. Gilbert of JLM Lubricants, a company that shares our quality standards."


About JLM Lubricants


Our additives are unique, they contribute to a better environment and are safe to use. Our mission is to provide professionals with additives and technical lubricants of the highest quality, thus enabling them to perform their work quickly and efficiently. We aim to have JLM available worldwide within five years, which is why we continuously look for partners and work with leading automotive importers and/or distributors looking for a new and innovative additive brand.



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