About JLM

JLM Lubricants has a unique product range for professionals and consumers in the automotive industry. Each product has been developed to the highest standards and using the latest additive technologies available – this is how we create lubricants for today’s cars.

For JLM Lubricants 

It’s all about developing formulations to keep your car running like new, to improve performance, reduce everyday wear & tear, and reduce emissions. JLM is committed to creating products that are unique, make a difference to our environment and are safe for consumers, and supporting the community in many ways.

Our mission is to supply professionals with a high-quality lubricant that will get the job done quickly and thoroughly. The company vision is to make JLM Lubricants available around the globe within the first 5 years. We are searching for and cooperating with leading automotive aftermarket parts distributors / importers that are looking for a new, innovative lubricant brand.

JLM Lubricants

JLM Lubricants
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