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JLM Lubricants is once again expanding its range of diesel products, with the launch of new diesel product JLM Turbo Cleaner. JLM Turbo Cleaner has been developed specifically to prevent, and above all, solve known issues related to diesel engine turbos.

The purpose of a turbo or turbocharger is to increase the power of a diesel engine. However, dirt and soot deposits on the compressor or turbine wheel can stop a turbo from rotating properly, because the variable blades of the turbo get caught for example. In such cases, the most logical first step is to clean the turbo. Soot is often the root cause of the issues and will result in a loss of engine power. A contaminated turbo reduces engine power, increases fuel consumption and/or causes the engine to emit visible smoke.


JLM Lubricants is bringing its product to the market in response to high demand among its professional clients for a superior turbo cleaner. Our turbo cleaner burns away any soot particles present in the turbo by reducing their combustion temperature, and prevents new deposits of soot particles. When the soot particles on the blades and the adjustable mechanism of a variable geometry turbo (VGT) are burned away, resistance is reduced and normal operation is restored once more.


This product is a perfect fit with the other JLM DPF cleaning products in the existing range.


Requirements vary between modern and older vehicles. The technologically advanced fuel systems of today are extremely finely tuned and therefore more susceptible to disruptions caused by chemical reactions of the fuel. This can lead to contamination of the fuel system, as well as inadequate lubrication, corrosion and other issues. In older vehicles, accumulation of dirt in the fuel system and wear on the components means they struggle to achieve the correct air-to-fuel ratio or optimum combustion.


Thanks to this highly effective turbo cleaner, any soot particles that have been left behind are removed, burnt away and included in the combustion process, without the need to dismantle the turbo. The soot deposits are what cause the blades of a variable turbo to get stuck and the engine to lose power, and could ultimately lead to major and expensive repairs.


JLM Turbo Cleaner has a cleaning action that noticeably improves turbo performance, without any need for dismantling. A clean turbo will perform better, prevent excessive fuel consumption and have a longer life.


Using the product could not be simpler – add the content of the (500 ml) can to a maximum of 70 litres of diesel and drive the vehicle until the tank is almost empty. This will allow the product to achieve the maximum effect.


Suitable for all TURBO diesel engines, with or without DPF.


Item number J02380



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