* JLM Lubricants launches four-pronged approach to combat contamination in diesel systems

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* JLM Lubricants launches four-pronged approach to combat contamination in diesel systems

JLM Lubricants launches four-pronged approach to combat contamination in diesel systems

Clean = efficiency + increased performance + reliability

Modern diesel engines are a prime example of precision technology that ensures that every drop of fuel achieves maximum performance, and that emissions of harmful substances are kept to a minimum. Several times per stroke and precisely timed to hundredths of a second, minimal amounts of fuel are atomised in the combustion chamber under very high pressure.

It is obvious that contamination in the fuel system as a result of combustion residue deposits can considerably interfere with this delicate process. In addition, and in order to comply with the increasingly stringent exhaust standards being put in place for the very latest diesel engines, a large amount of combustion products are re-fed into the combustion chambers, via the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR). Once the combustion process becomes affected by deposits on components, such as valves, injectors and EGR valves, this simply results in less efficient combustion. A vicious circle of incomplete combustion is then created, giving rise to a larger quantity of combustion residues, which then form deposits, which in turn cause incomplete combustion, and so on. If this pattern is not broken in due time, it can be fatal for parts such as diesel particulate filters, turbos and the engine itself. What is more, this is compounded by the fact that depending on the usage conditions (such as many short journeys), diesel particulate filters, which are currently fitted as standard on new diesel cars and often retro-fitted to older models, seldom reach the operating temperature required for complete regeneration of the filter, as a result of which the filter becomes clogged with particulate, over time.

JLM Lubricants now provides a targeted approach to combat contamination in diesel fuel systems and engines, thanks to the introduction of a range of three products, each with its own specific application, alongside the existing JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner.

Prevent particulate accumulation with JLM Diesel ReGen Plus

JLM Diesel ReGen Plus is a fuel additive that supports the regeneration process in diesel particulate filters. This prevents the filter from becoming (partially) blocked, as once that has happened, it can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and a downturn in performance. JLM Diesel ReGen Plus has been developed for regular use, thereby making sure that the diesel particulate filter system is maintained in pristine condition.

Cleaning and conditioning diesel particulate filters with JLM DPF Cleaner

JLM DPF Cleaner is our renowned premium product, formulated to clean and condition diesel particulate filters. By using our JLM DPF Cleaner, the production of ash is reduced by 25%. What is more, the soot particles that end up in the particulate filter are burned off more thoroughly. JLM DPF Cleaner achieves this in three ways:

  • Continual passive regeneration, thanks to a reduction of the point at which the soot particles combust by an average temperature of 150°C.
  • Controlled, spontaneous regeneration of the particulate filter by a reduction of the ignition point and regeneration point. As a result, extra fuel needs to be injected less frequently in order to assist the regeneration process. What is more, the thermal load of the filter is lowered.
  • This is achieved by leaving the catalyst fluid in the filter, thereby enabling it to continue working at the most efficient level possible for longer.


Cleaning blocked diesel particulate filters with the JLM DPF Cleaning Kit

Up until now, the options available to repair a blocked diesel particulate filter, once "forced" regeneration via the engine management system no longer helped, were limited to replacing the entire filter (from €1,000 to €5,000, depending on the vehicle) or removing the exhaust system (which takes 3-4 working days). JLM now offers a special DPF Cleaning Kit that enables the filter to be thoroughly cleaned without having to remove it, and which allows the filter to function again like new. Cleaning a particulate filter with the DPF Cleaning Kit is a two-stage process: first, the filter is thoroughly cleaned with JLM DPF Cleaning Fluid and then flushed with JLM DPF Flush. Each of these steps requires a special spray tank, which is attached to an air compressor. The spray is made up of two parts: a conical nozzle attached to a hose on the front pressure sensor is included as standard. This is the simple, clean and quick way. If the conical nozzle does not fit, there is the option to use the high-pressure spraying lance. After deep cleaning, the filter is flushed using JLM DPF Flush with the engine switched on.

"Detoxing" and "rejuvenating" older diesel systems with JLM Diesel Extreme Clean

Specially formulated for diesel engines that have already got a fair few kilometres on the clock, JLM Extreme Clean is the complete system cleaner and available in 1-litre containers. JLM Diesel Extreme Clean is an all-in-one diesel 'detox' that makes short work of the most frequently-occurring contamination deposits in modern diesel engines.  It cleans the entire fuel system including valves, injectors and combustion chambers, increases the fuel's cetane number and contains lubricating additives that protect the engine when using the latest diesel fuels with a low sulphur content. What is more, one of the components of JLM Extreme Clean acts as a catalyst for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters. Thanks to JLM Diesel Extreme Clean, the performance and fuel consumption of an 'experienced' diesel engine quickly returns to its original level.

About JLM Lubricants

JLM Lubricants is a unique range of fuel additives and technical fluids for both professionals and consumers in the automotive aftermarket segment. Each product has been developed in line with the state of the art and utilises the latest additive technology. That is how we set out to produce 'Lubricants of today’s cars'.

JLM Lubricants is a registered trademark of GMS Lubricants B.V., which forms part of the GMS Group in Alkmaar (GMS Europe BV, GMS Lubricants BV, GMS Automaterialen BV, GMS Europe GmbH and GMS Automotive Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.). With sites located in The Netherlands, Germany and Thailand, GMS supplies the automotive aftermarket in more than 60 countries.



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